Flashback Friday: Treating Gout with Cherry Juice

Cherry consumption has been shown to successfully prevent gout arthritis attacks, but what about cherry juice concentrate?

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Here are the other videos I’ve done on the power of cherries to control inflammation:
• Anti-inflammatory Life is a Bowl of Cherries (
• Gout Treatment with a Cherry on Top (
• Reducing Muscle Soreness With Berries (

Tart cherries (the kind people make pies out of, not the sweet kind) may also help with sleep (Tart Cherries for Insomnia:

What do you do with frozen cherries? I just eat them straight—suck on them like popsicles, but they’re also an integral part of my Healthy Chocolate Milkshakes (

Another way to help treat gout is to drink lots of water and keep one’s urine alkaline by eating lots of dark green leafy vegetables (see Testing Your Diet with Pee & Purple Cabbage:

Since this video came out, I have a newer one on gout: Preventing Gout Attacks with Diet ( And what role does uric acid play in Parkinson’s disease? See Parkinson’s Disease and the Uric Acid Sweet Spot (

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Images thanks to cnick via Pixabay.
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